Senior Fit Club

Senior Fit Club are classes that are offered to clients who are interested in improving their Flexibility, Cardiovascular Strength, Muscle Strength, and work towards improving their Balance to reduce falls.

Strength and Balance is a 50 - minute class taught by a licensed professional in a group setting. This class will take the participant through a number of exercises working to improve cardiovascular strength and endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and balance and stability to decrease risks of falls.

With this class, you will see improvements in your energy level, your endurance during daily activities and/or hobbies, your balance and stability, and your confidence in yourself!

Senior Stretch is a 45-50-minute class taught by a licensed professional in a group setting. The instructor will take you through a series of stretches and breathing techniques to improve overall flexibility and relaxation throughout the entire body. Most exercises are performed seated in a chair with calming music in the background and dimly lit lights. You are sure to leave this class feeling relaxed and moving more freely then when you woke up that morning.

Studies show that with good or improved flexibility, the risk of injury during an incident such as a fall are decreased. Flexibility is a vital part of our overall wellness!
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